About Us


The answer is probably yes.

911 Shine was created because 99% of the vehicle wash/wax found in any fire station is terrible. Chances are great that if you walk into any fire station in the country and ask the staff if they’re happy with their current detailing products, they will say NO. As a firefighter/paramedic, I’ve experienced the frustration of using sub-par detailing products on very expensive fire apparatus. We identified the problem as most organizations just order whatever low quality soap is offered by their other vendors. Do you really want to use detailing products from the same brand that supplies your toilet paper and trash bags?

911 Shine offers you the professional grade quality of the product line Element Armor. As you know, many firefighters have side jobs. Mine was automotive detailing. After years of detailing, I got fed up with the “over the counter” detailing products and knew I could produce something better. Fast forward to 2011 and Element Armor Premium Car Care Products was born. Although we primarily focused on vehicle detailers/car enthusiasts, we would often extend offers to our local fire departments. The response has been great! It got me thinking… why not extend our line to emergency organizations worldwide?! Our goal is to get better quality products in every station in the country. Often times, we can even meet or beat your current pricing. It’s a no-brainer… if the price is comparable, why would’t you switch to a better quality product?

911 Shine is exclusively for emergency response organizations and their affiliates. We do not sell to the general public. If you are not affiliated with an emergency organization, I invite you to check out our “sister” brand Element Armor (www.ElementArmor.com).