Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if I qualify to purchase from this site?

A. Are you a registered member/employee of an emergency response organization (fire/EMS department, police, etc.)? If we were to contact your organization, would they verify that you’re affiliated? If the answer is YES, we welcome you to purchase from this site. If the answer is NO, please visit our sister-brand Element Armor (www.ElementArmor.com). We reserve the right to verify any user’s status and may require additional information to verify the affiliation.


Q. I’ll be purchasing on behalf of my organization, how do I change my account to reflect that?

A. Every registered account defaults to “affiliate” status. If you will be purchasing on behalf of your organization and NOT for personal use, you can request an upgrade to our organization level by either clicking the “I’m purchasing on behalf of an organization” button on your “my account” page, or send us an email to customerservice@911shine.com.


Q. What is the difference between an organization account and affiliate account?

A. Organization accounts are tax free and prices are more deeply discounted. Organization accounts require manual verification by our staff before an order is filled and the orders must be shipped to the organization’s address.


Q. What is with the referral program?

A. The referral program is setup so our users can refer organizations and/or their affiliates to our products. Simply apply for the program and you will be issued a unique referral link address. Whenever someone signs up under your link and completes an order, you’ll receive 10% of that order. It’s a great way to spread the word and get better quality products in more stations as well as a possible fundraiser for your organization (as an organization, share your link within your membership and earn money when they order).


Q. How do I know how well your products work?

A. Although the brand 911 Shine is new, the products are not. Professional detailers, car enthusiasts, and first responder organizations have been using these products since 2011 under our sister-brand Element Armor. There are many many reviews from happy customers all over the internet (ElementArmor.com, YouTube, Element Armor’s facebook and instagram pages, Amazon, eBay, etc.). We created the 911 Shine brand as a way to directly market to emergency response organizations as well as offer them discounted pricing on our products.