Friction Loss


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The days of calculating friction loss are behind us! Just mix our bucket of friction loss into your water tank and let the product do the rest. Never worry about any complicated calculations again. Our new and improved formula now works in any size tank with any size/length of hose.

1. Pour entire contents of friction loss into your tank.
2. Attach hose/nozzle to your discharge.
3. Place engine in pump gear and pump at desired pressure.

Product Bucket of Friction Loss
Size 5 Gallons
Top Spout
Dilution 1 Bucket per Tank of water
Scent Bull Sh*t
Color Translucent
Weight Weightless
Works on 1.75″ Hose Yes
Works with 2″ Hose Yes
Works with 2.5″ Hose Yes
Works with 3″ Hose Yes
Works with 4″ Hose Yes
Works with any size tank Yes
Works with any length of hose Yes
OSHA Compliant No

Not an actual product. Displayed for entertainment purposes only.


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