“Rookie’s B.F.F.” Touchless Wax – 16oz

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This touchless product will forever change the way you wax your vehicle! Hands down, there is no easier or faster way to protect your vehicle. Simply mist the product on a wet surface, then rinse with water to activate the instant bonding process of this revolutionary synthetic wax. Watch as it immediately cures to the surface… producing a ton of beautiful water beads. No wiping or buffing required! Each application protects for at least 3 months… if it’s still beading, it’s still protecting.

WAX YOUR VEHICLE WITH NO WIPING! Mr. Miyagi would be devastated.

1.Thoroughly wash the vehicle
2.While the vehicle is still wet, mist the product on the surface in a “sweeping” motion (Each spray covers more area than most think. A little goes a long way)
3.Immediately rinse the entire vehicle with a strong stream of water
4.Dry the vehicle

Works great on paint, plastic, chrome, glass, etc.

– Be sure the surface is cool to the touch.
– Do not use in direct sunlight.
– Do not allow product to dry on vehicle. Mist and rinse a panel at a time.
– Do not over-apply. Over-application could cause streaking.

– Do the opposite of above.

Product Number 705911639287
Size 16 ounces
Top Sprayer
Form Liquid
Machine Application No
UV Protection Yes
Synthetic Wax Yes
Safe on Chrome Yes
Safe on Paint Yes
Safe on Vinyl Yes
Safe on Glass Yes
Safe on Plastic Yes

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 in


8 reviews for “Rookie’s B.F.F.” Touchless Wax – 16oz

  1. ffmark

    WOW This stuff is amazing. Easy to use and the results are incredible. You guys are on to something with this stuff. Perfect for our fire engine, tanker truck, and ambulance. We’ll never hand wax the equipment again!!!!!!!

  2. Tyler

    Made my truck shiny and slick. Super easy.

  3. Frank Fisher

    I bought this and a bottle of the nozzle man soap. My truck hasn’t looked this good in years. I’ve never waxed my truck so fast and easy before. Just like the directions say, spray it on and spray it off. Worked great. I’m buying a gallon next time.

  4. Mark Lyons

    Can’t go anywhere so I thought I’d wax my truck. Only took about 10 minutes so now what do I do with all my time? I guess I’ll just slide across it like dukes of hazard. yeee haw

  5. Larry Smone

    If you’re just looking to do your private vehicle, get the bottle. If you’ve got a lot of equipment, get the jug. Either way it’s worth the price.

  6. Chris Benner

    What a shine. Super slick and looks great.

  7. Capt. Matt Shaw

    I just used Rookies BFF on my wife’s car. The car looks brand new now! I hate waxing vehicles and haven’t done it in 10 years. With this stuff I’ll wax our cars as often as needed. I’ve never used a car care product that was so easy to use while producing great results.
    Really impressive.

  8. FF/PM Courtney Yee

    Definitely happy with the results!! And it was super easy to apply!! Well worth it!

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