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If you don’t have “hard water”, consider yourself lucky! Most of us (unless you have a very expensive home filtration system) are left with harsh minerals that tend to leave water spots on our vehicles. Plus, if you use a pressure washer, those minerals clog and degrade the interior components of the machine over time. That is why we’re excited to offer this simple and inexpensive solution.

This water filter offers a small/portable option to filter out most of those harsh minerals. It can connect directly to your spigot or the end of any standard garden hose. Each device filters approximately 500 gallons of water.

NOTE: The first time using the filter, flow water through it to flush out excess carbon. Once the dark colored water turns clear, you’re good to go.

Product Number 705911639508
Filtration Life +/- 500 Gallons
Filtration Method Granulated Activated Carbon
Filtration Amount 20 Microns
Assembly Ready to use
Installation Directly to spigot or hose 
Filters Heavy Metals Yes
Filters Aluminum Yes
Filters Hydrogen Sulfide Yes
Filters Iron Yes
Filters Lead Yes
Filters Mercury Yes
Filters Cadmium Yes
Filters Sediment Yes

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 in


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